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TIHOUN CPA is a professional accounting firm that provides services to individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and the public sector. TIHOUN CPA is a company with a vision turned to the future, offering strategic services to accommodate our customers. Thanks to cutting-edge computer systems and work tools, TIHOUN CPA brings fast and efficient solutions to our clients’ problems to help them to achieve their objectives.

The experience and sound judgment acquired over more than 10 years allow us to serve customers with a variety of fields and backgrounds. TIHOUN CPA specializes in manufacturing industries, professional services, media, retail and consumer trade, non-profit organizations, real estate, construction and public sector entities.

TIHOUN CPA offers a full range of internal audit, tax, finance and business advisory services. We take a practical, collaborative approach to working closely with our clients and adapting our service offerings to meet their individual needs in a bilingual, multicultural environment.

Thanks to our expertise, at TIHOUN CPA we have the necessary resources to help our clients across Canada and the United States and around the world. TIHOUN CPA is an active member of the Order of Chartered Professional Accountants of Quebec and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). We also participate in numerous community initiatives through social and volunteer activities.

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Internal audit risk is no longer a defense weapon, but rather a strategic governance tool. Our internal audit and advisory services team provides our clients with extensive knowledge of industry and regulatory issues to find appropriate solutions to their needs.

Whether it’s a personal tax return or a corporate tax return, our team of professionals can help you legally reduce your tax burden. Our clients benefit from our know-how combined with our accurate accounting services.

With our data analytics tools, we empower you to manage policies, key processes and controls using data-driven collaborative technology that allows you to test 100% of your transactional data to reduce costly errors and eradicate fraud and asset abuse.

Data Analytics


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